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Large Majority of Arizonans Support Major Investment in Water Desalination


Alloy Analytics recently conducted a statewide survey of likely voters, October 18th‐24th, 2022. A total of 700 likely voters in Arizona were interviewed, and the survey has a credibility interval of +/- 3.7%. See full methodology statement below.


  • WATER IS ON THE MIND OF ARIZONANS: 91% of likely voters in Arizona are concerned with the water situation. This concern cuts across all age groups and political parties.

  • 86% of respondents aged 18-35 year are very or somewhat concerned and 96% of voters 66 or older are very or somewhat concerned.

  • 87% of Republicans are very or somewhat concerned as well as 95% of Democrats

  • DESALINATION IS A HIGHLY POPULAR SOLUTION: 74% of likely voters support investing in a water desalination plant with only 13% opposed.

  • Arizonans understand the concept. 73% report being very or somewhat familiar with “water desalination.”

  • ARIZONANS THINK DESALINATION IS WORTHY OF MAJOR INVESTMENT: Support for a water desalination plant remains at 63% even after being informed that the plant could cost between $5 billion and $10 billion dollars, and would cost an additional $160 million annually to operate.

Respondents chose

Investing our tax dollars into a desalination plant is worth the cost and a critical step in securing Arizona’s water future

by a 26% margin over

A desalination plant is too expensive, and we should find cheaper ways to secure more water for Arizona

  • ARIZONANS ARE OPEN TO PAYING MORE FOR WATER IF THE DOLLARS ARE PROPERLY INVESTED: 43% of likely voters are willing to pay $10 or more additionally on their monthly water bill to help fund water conservation systems and acquiring new water sources for Arizona.

  • 29% of voters are willing to pay $10 or less

  • Only 19% of voters are not willing to pay more

  • 80% of Arizonans support Taiwan Semiconductor’s North Phoenix chipmaking facility that is currently under construction.

  • 61% of respondents had heard about the TSMC facility

  • Support for TSMC facility remains strong after told that the facility is expected to be a large user of Arizona’s water supply.

Respondents chose:

Taiwan Semiconductor’s facility will be positive for Arizona’s economy and the facility’s large water use will be worth it

by a 23% margin over:

Arizona does not have the water to invest in high water use facilities like Taiwan Semiconductor is constructing and we should be restricting the allocation of water to critical areas even if it hurts Arizona’s economy and business environment

  • Reducing America’s reliance on China’s semiconductor production and supply chains is a convincing reason to support the TSMC facility

  • 88% of likely voters think the statementTaiwan Semiconductor’s facility will help reduce America’s reliance on China’s semiconductor production and supply chains.” Is a convincing reason to support the construction of the TSMC facility.

  • This message has bipartisan effectiveness with 92% of Republicans finding it convincing, 85% of Democrats, and 88% of Independents.

Download Top Lines:

Water & Growth top lines (1)
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Water & Growth crosstabs
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This survey of 700 likely general election voters was conducted statewide in Arizona from October 18th‐24th, 2022. Responses were collected via SMS Text-To-Web. This survey has a margin of error of 3.7% with a 95% confidence interval.

Survey respondents were weighted based on 2020 Presidential election vote, college education, age, race, county, primary vote history, and party. Weighting targets were derived from a statewide voter file, appended with consumer data and the 2020 Presidential Election to accurately reflect the demographics of likely midterm general election turnout.

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